Propuestas al Congreso ICCF 2017

El Congreso de ICCF 2017 en Albena discutirá las siguientes propuestas:


Para revisarlas deben estar registrados y conectados al servidor web de ICCF.

Mi sugerencias de voto son las siguientes, en caso haya interés se pueden discutir aquí.

Número de propuestaNombre de propuestaVoto sugerido
2017-001Approve the 2016 Congress MinutesYES or FOR
2017-002New Member Federation Application- IndonesiaYES or FOR
2017-003Allow Congress to Fix Known ProblemsYES or FOR
2017-004When an Active Player Fails to File an Adjudication ClaimYES or FOR
2017-005Simplifying Adjudication/Cancellation ProceduresYES or FOR
2017-006One Team per Team CaptainYES or FOR
2017-007Delete Unnecessary Sentence from TR 5.1YES or FOR
2017-008Clarifying Player EligibilityNO or AGAINST
2017-009Credit Card Module or Alternative Payment SystemYES or FOR
2017-011Approve Services Committee Budget for 2018YES or FOR
2017-012Games in National Events to Count Towards the IA TitleNO or AGAINST
2017-013Regulating Zonal Membership ChangesYES or FOR
2017-014Establishment of ICCF World ZoneYES or FOR
2017-015Eliminate 50-Move Rule when a 7-Piece Ending is PresentYES or FOR
2017-016Clarifying the Status of Isolated PlayersYES or FOR
2017-017Proposal Regarding Live Transmission of MovesYES or FOR
2017-018Use of the Online Voting System Should Not be Compulsory NO or AGAINST
2017-019Awarding Medals for CCE/CCM TitlesYES or FOR
2017-020Honorary MembershipYES or FOR
2017-021Move All Playing Rules Only Described in the TD Manuals to the Playing RulesNO or AGAINST
2017-022Combining 8 ICCF Rule Documents into 1YES or FOR
2017-023Allow Member Federations to have 210 Games Each Year -- Free of ChargeYES or FOR
2017-024Count ICCF Free Matches to TD`s Qualification for IA TitleNO or AGAINST
2017-025Award SIM Title to ICCF World Cup WinnerNO or AGAINST
2017-026Increase ICCF Governance of Member OrganisationsYES or FOR
2017-027Claims in Cases of WithdrawalNO or AGAINST
2017-028Title System for Chess 960 to be Integrated into Regular Chess EventsNO or AGAINST
2017-029Alleviating the Draw Offer RuleNO or AGAINST
2017-030To Extend Usage of Nalimov TB up to 7-manYES or FOR
2017-031Improve the Player Experience for Tournament Registration and EntryYES or FOR
2017-032 Title Norms - 70th Final of European Individual Championships - PostalYES or FOR
2017-033Member Federation - Dismissal - TunisiaYES or FOR
2017-034Two Clarifications for the Playing Rules - ServerNO or AGAINST

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